Tax Planning & Preparation

Nohre & Co., S.C. tax planning and preparation services offer you integrated tax consultation and strategic planning opportunities to proactively manage your tax expense.

Nohre & Co., S.C. insists upon a win-win relationship with all clients and we keep our corporate structure flat. That ensures our clients have direct access to a skilled and experienced CPA on their team. The professional you meet with and communicate with is the professional who directly handles your financial information. We work promptly and manage our workflow so that standard turnaround for clients is typically a few weeks, not months.

Our firm serves businesses and business owners with income tax planning. We also provide planning for tax issues involving gifts, estates and trusts.

Why do clients choose Nohre & Co., S.C. over larger firms when they are looking for a tax professional?

We provide Better Advice.

The tax professionals at Nohre & Co., S.C. understand that the best way to manage any expense (especially your tax expense) is to plan for them all year long not just on December 31st. When you join Nohre & Co., S.C. we proactively set up a service plan with each client. We typically meet quarterly, or semi-annually this allows for business updates throughout the year to better serve our clients.
Nohre & Co., S.C. provides focused solutions to your tax preparation needs

  • Tax Compliance Services
  • Federal Tax Planning
  • State and Local Tax Planning
  • Sales and Use Tax Services