Our Commitment

Nohre & Co., S.C. approaches every business relationship as a partnership where a mutually beneficial result is the goal.  In other words, we seek win-win relationships.


Nohre & Co., S.C. provides exceptional accounting service as CPAs.  We understand the nuances of the complex tax laws and we are passionate about assisting our clients, in best navigating the numerous requirements and complicated scenarios that our tax code creates.  Our skill in the area of tax planning and tax preparation is exemplary, and clients often tell us that they receive better advice at Nohre & Co., S.C..


The better advice doesn’t stop there.  More than a tax advisory firm, Nohre & Co., S.C. is a proactive strategic management advisory partner for your business. Our better advice helps you make important decisions based upon financial facts and circumstances. We help you review the immediate impact of the choices facing you today and develop financial models for future benefit.  Our advice helps you plan for transitions whether in company growth or succession planning.

In 1992, we set out the following business commitment in our firm brochure:


This statement of commitment is now displayed in the firm’s conference room. It is regularly referred to when a decision is facing the firm, to insure that decisions are consistent with this commitment.