Agency Accounting Issues

Few public accounting firms truly understand the insurance agency accounting system. Our CPA’s are experienced insurance agency accountants. The senior partner has over 30 years of hands on financial management and can assist in the development of a comprehensive agency accounting system.

Services include:

  • Dashboard and Standard Reports – We work with the internal accounting staff and the agency management software vendor to generate reports which are formatted in the Best In Class format.
  • Agency-Bill Company Payables Reconciliation – Many agencies have company payables which are not in balance with their general ledger. We provide the proficiency needed to determine if payables are in balance and to develop a periodic reconciliation process to insure ongoing accuracy.
  • Internal Controls – Reviewing internal accounting processes, segregation of duties, and implementing other internal controls is a management task that often goes unaddressed. We facilitate internal control review which can help identify and address weaknesses in the agency accounting process.