Compensation Planning & Management

Few agency management areas have as many challenges as the area of compensation where 50% or more of an agency’s revenues are spent. We can assist agencies in developing compensation and bonus plans for producers, customer service, administrative staff, and management.

Balancing the realities of the marketplace, with the Best In Class profit and productivity models, requires skill and experience, and our associates have assisted hundreds of agencies with compensation planning.

Services include:

  • Base compensation and productivity targets
  • Individual and team bonus plans
  • Producer compensation
  • Draw and validation plans
  • Commission structures
  • Performance goals and objectives
  • Deferred compensation and additional reward options including equity
  • Management compensation
  • Base compensation
  • Performance goals and objectives tied to incentive compensation
  • Deferred compensation and additional reward options including equity

While there are a number of theoretical models available, these models must be tailored to the specific attributes of the agency. Additionally, these tools will help to explain, compare and contrast the compensation plan with other plans offered in the marketplace.

Utilizing Nohre & Co as an outside resource in this process helps to establish the objectivity of the procedures and policies that will be put in place and to overcome the emotional areas that are often the root cause of performance challenges.