Other Financial Management Areas

As CPA’s who provide ongoing regular accounting and income tax services to many agencies, we can assist with other financial management areas. This is especially helpful for agencies that do not employ on-staff CPA’s. Over the past 20 years we have assisted hundreds of agencies in the following areas.

Services include:

  • Financial Projections – Projections needed for a variety of purposes such as internal organic growth, agency acquisition and related debt service planning, and internal perpetuation planning, just to name a few of the purposes you may want this information.
  • Buy or Lease – Each buy or lease decision can be evaluated in light of the cash flow, imputed interest rate, and tax consequences. Key buy or lease decisions should be evaluated prior to finalizing the transaction.
  • Life Insurance – The proper use of life insurance in internal perpetuation, outside M&A transactions, and with key employees is critical.
  • Budgeting – A proper annual budgeting process can align and motivate the organization to achieve superior results.