Best In Class Productivity Model

Our Best In Class Productivity Model is a proprietary productivity benchmarking process used to measure the productivity of the sales, customer service, administrative support, and management teams. Often profitability challenges identified in the BIC Profit Model are the result of poor productivity.

This process allows you to quickly identify specific challenges within the agency, a department, a branch office, or even a specific person where the challenge resides. Once identified, your consultant at Nohre & Co will offer specific recommendations to improve productivity. In the same way, this process can identify Best In Class performers, and suggest ways to leverage their results throughout the organization.

Utilizing Nohre & Co as an outside resource in this process helps to establish the objectivity of the procedures and policies that will be put in place and to overcome the emotional areas that are often the root cause of performance challenges.

Tracking productivity trends helps management stay on track with financial performance and identify positive and negative developments quickly.