Buyer & Seller Representation, Consulting & Due Diligence

The professionals at Nohre & Co have experience with hundreds of M&A transactions over the past 20 years.


We can help you identify and negotiate the purchase of agencies which meet your strategic growth plans. An independent third party can often identify potential acquisition targets that a direct agency-to-agency contact will not uncover.

Services include:

  • Strategic target identification
  • Agency valuation and deal structure
  • Tax consequences to buyer and seller
  • Negotiation
  • Due diligence
  • Operational integration plan


Sellers face a variety of challenges, conflicts and competing goals in divesting themselves of the agency. Thoughtful, experienced counsel can help guide the seller to balance these goals and objectives in the most effective way.

Services include:

  • Preparation for sale
  • Prospective buyer identification
  • Agency valuation and deal structure
  • Tax consequences to seller and buyer
  • Negotiation
  • Operational integration and post-transaction changes

Due Diligence

While there is often a high level of trust and cooperation between buyer and seller as a transaction develops, it’s important to verify the quantitative and qualitative representations made by the other party. We are effective communicators between the parties and within the internal team(s) during the due diligence and closing process. Challenges that are identified are resolved in a timely and positive manner to consistently move the transaction forward. Nohre & Co can assist in this process.

Services include:

  • Data request, collection and evaluation
  • On-site review, inspection and testing
  • Due diligence process communication
  • Post-closing follow up meeting