Corporate Governance & Effective Decision Making

There’s a great saying that goes…“It’s not whether you have problems, everyone has problems, it’s where they’re the same problems you had last year…..”

If you have the same problems you had last year, then maybe you need a new or more effective corporate governance and decision making process to solve them. The team at Nohre & Co has worked with many agencies over many years to improve corporate governance, decision making and change management. We assist management in understanding the root causes of the agencies governance problems and offer suggestions for improvement and assistance with education and implementation for a win-win resolution.

Areas include:

  • Organizational Charts – Effective task lists by position, and control and authority processes and procedures.
  • Agency Development – Every agency, as it grows, goes through predictable stages of development, with problems and challenges that are typical to each stage. The inability to deal effectively with the challenges that each stage offers will hold the agency back from getting to the next stage.
  • Organizational Change – Most change initiatives either fail outright, or deliver much less than initially planned. The reasons are predictable and can be overcome with proper planning, execution and communication.